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I noticed in the help file for PR3 there was a VIEW_MOTIONBLUR for the viewport type. I''m assuming this was removed from PR4 because it doesn''t compile if I use that argument. Is there any way that I can achive motion blur in PR4B1?? -Rich

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That was left over from software rendering. To achieve motion blur on today''s 3D hardware, you''ll have to use some kind of trick.

- Voodoo 5 used an accumulation buffer to blend between
different frames and make motion blur. Not a good solution
because hardly anyone will have the correct hardware to see it.

- Instead of clearing the screen, just clear the zbuffer and draw a translucent black polygon over the scene. You will also have to draw the entire scene using alpha blending. This will essentially blend between old and new frames, like 30% of the previous frame is left behind, then you add in 70% of the new frame. Obviously this isn''t suitable for all scenes but it can be used for some nice effects.

- If you want motion blur on a single object and not the entire scene, you could try drawing the object several times in different positions and alpha values.

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