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Soccer n Pool Scores a Release

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Soccer n Pool Scores a Release June 8, 2006 - KDF Infotech,, is proud to announce Soccer n Pool is now available from their website. Some call it Foosball, others Table Soccer, but no matter what a country calls it, if you’re a fan of the frantic spindle spinning game then Soccer n Pool is a must download. Soccer n Pool is the elegent mix of soccer, or European football, and a specialized board resembling a pool table. Unlike most competitors, Soccer n Pool makes controlling your men simple, utilizing no-button mouse control. Additionally the game boasts two-mouse control for 1 v/s 1 games or team games. There is no foosball simulation as close to the realism of ball movement and certainly none with controls that are literally pick up and play. Soccer n Pool boasts an assortment of options in addition to their two-mouse support for multiplayer games. Change the size of the players, the type of ball , the difficulty of the AI, as well as the various length and sensitivity settings. Customize the game to fit any play style. Soccer n Pool comes with a 10 trial demo, allowing you to start and play the game as much as you want 10 times. Once this has expired the game is available for purchase at a special limited time price of $9.95. Simple yet elegant, Soccer n Pool is the answer to anyone’s foosball dreams.

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