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MIDI to Wav

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Just wondering if there is a free tool available for converting MIDI files to WAV format? Can't seem to find anything on the web that doesn't require some cash. Or is it possible to plug sound-card out into microphone in then record Media Player's output direct into Sound Recorder? Sorry if these are daft questions. Bit new to computer music.

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MIDI to wav, eh? Depends on what device is your MIDI playback and if a program like WinAmp is configured to receive it.

In multitrack sequencers it's easy, the MIDI is routed to an audio out track, You can then bounce to audio from there.

The easiest way? Get one program to play the MIDI and another to record it. You shouldn't need to route anything externally.

Double click on the MIDI file, whatever program pops up as your default player will have to do.

Then open up Sound Recorder and your Volume Control Properties. Click on Properties and click on the Recording Button. Go back to the "mixer" and you should be able to choose what source you will be recording from (CD, Wav, Synth or MIDI). Hit record on Sound Recorder and play on the MIDI file.

This can change a bit from system to system based on what sound card they have, how that card handles internal audio routing. Sound Blaster cards have a "What-U-Hear" input option that always used to do the trick for me...oh so long ago.


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ModPlug Tracker can load MIDIs and save as .WAV or as .MP3 not to mention also being able to save as .IT (Impulse Tracker) which works better with some music players. I've used it for this in the past. (Just be sure you get the latest release candidate since the older versions don't have as much MIDI support.)

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Several things.. I have an awsome library of soundfonts so I like to render my midis to wav as well.. this method seems to work with both my nforce and audigy2 cards.. Here's what I do:

* Double-click the speaker icon to bring up the volume control dialog
* Click Options->Properties
* Select Recording
* Make sure "Wave out mix" is checked in the list
* Click Ok
* Now check the "Select" box under "Wave out mix" and make sure its turned up
* Load up my midi file in a player of my choice
* Make sure anything that can make a sound is closed or disabled
* Load up Audacity or your favorite sound program, and create a new sterio project.
* Click record on the audio program, then click play on your midi.
* Once its done, click stop on both..
* Trim, apply effects, and whatever, then save to whatever format you want

Kinda lengthy but its actuially straight foward once you get used to it.

Another program you can use if your midi sucks is Timidity++.

Just some ideas.

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