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Hello everyone, I have typed in the code given for lesson 1 in vc++. I downloaded the file available for download. Downloaded version is working fine but the one I typed in is not. I checked the code for both line by line. I can't find any difference but at nearly 300 lines I might have missed something. The problem is : window created by the program is not being displayed instead VC IDE is being displayed in different mode. I don't how to explain this different mode. The closer I can get is : If you remember DOS , there was somehing like mode CO40. The mode is similar to that one. No problem with compiling , linking or exiting when I press ESC. One more thing , when I go for windowed mode instead of fullscreen mode , only the title bar of the window is being displayed. What am I missing and what could be the reason? Thank You.

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I found out the problem.
In the CreateWindowEx function for the adjusted window height ,
instead of
wndrect.bottom -
I typed
wndrect.bottom =
effectively making windows height 0. So the window below this one which is the ide is being displayed. One typo and trouble for one whole day.

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