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[java] new game :Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Hi I a java programming student in Ireland and my current game I am developing is the title (clone of course). If your interested in giving it a go, it should be fully complete three weeks from yesterday(due date for class). Its looking good at moment basic logic and flow working just have to correctly implement GridBagLayout manager. I''ll post it on my website march 9th. Its my first game so go easy on the criticism.

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C''mon, Pouya! They speak English and Gaelic in Ireland, right? Anyways, why did you criticize his grammar with a post that also has messed up grammar?


"Elvis is alive. He is Barney the purple dinosaur. He is the pied piper that leads our children into the wages of sin and eternal damnation."

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Hey easy with the grammar criticism. I a programmer not an english literature lecturer.
Its being written in java (i.e the forum were in).
Hope ye check it out.

yeah in Ireland we speak english (gaelic not so much)my grammar is bad because im shit at typeing.Thats for the secretary

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