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Important peice of palm programming information that probably should be in the FAQ

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Well I'm seeing quite a few threads asking for palm programming resources. It seems to be hidden from mass knowledge but plua makes palm programming so easy it's funny. As an example here's a sample program(taken from here) that moves an image of a taxi across the screen:
-- Taxi.lua
-- Copyright (c) 2001 Marcio M. Andrade

-- Shows the Taxi easter egg.

width,height,depth,hasColor = pmode()

if hasColor == 1 then
  bg = prgb(0,255,0)
  bg = prgb(255,255,255)


taxi = popenres("Tbmp", 11000)
size, taxiWidth, taxiHeight = pgetsize(taxi)

y = (height-taxiHeight)/2

for x = width,-taxiWidth,-1 do
  pbox(x+taxiWidth-7, y, 7, taxiHeight, bg)


don't see things getting much easier for free.

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