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Need suggestions for SIMD 3D math library

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Hi all, I have been working on an (free) SIMD-based math library, and I have run into a brick wall: I'm not sure what other features are needed at this point. In other words, for my (rather simple) purposes, the library is complete enough, but I would like some feedback as to what sort of features it would need before a 1.0. There is quite a wealth of documentation online at the hosted website -- you won't have to download the SDK, clutter your harddrive, or read through header files just to find out what function exist and what they do. It seems that very few people have an interest in using other people's 3D math libraries: it seems everyone has their "vector" implementation; but if some of you could just read through and give a few suggestions on how to improve it, that would be most helpful. Anyways, the project is libSIMDx86. Sourceforge project page: Project Homepage: Just post any comment, suggestions, etc on feature requests, or directly e-mail them to me at: And for the curious. It works for x87, MMX, 3DNow!, 3DNow!+, SSE, SSE2, and SSE3 instruction sets, compiles under GCC 3.4 for Win32, and GCC 4.0.1 for Linux. It seems to be the only SIMD-based math library that has been updated in the last year and a half or so.

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