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Searchin for a good 2D graphics engine.

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Hi, ive been trying to create my own graphics engine but as i didnt succeed very well i am very tired of it and just want to use an allready done engine. There are some requirements for the engine though. I would prefer if it works for both Linux and Windows. The engine should be fast, with hardware acceleration and have color keying (most i have found doesnt support that) You see, the game is going to be an side scrolling game with many background layers so the best thing would be an engine which had possibility do draw front to back so that i will eliminate overdrawing. Is there such an engine, or is there one else that would fit my game? [edit] im currently using HGE, but im starting to misstrust it. I need color keying or the level data (which will be pixelbased, not tile) will require a lot more data because of the alpha channel. [Edited by - Mullvalen on June 9, 2006 8:16:01 AM]

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