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2D Engine Exspectations

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Hey, actually I'm working on a kind of 2D Engine. It uses DirectDraw, but the user has not to care about that, because there are a lot of own structures. Before some time I made a list, which futures should be included, and now I want to ask you, whether I forgot sth. <BG>. INIT/RELEASE STUF -Window/Fullscreen Application -Color Depths ( 8, 16, 32 BPP) -Screensolution ( Every screensolution possible ) -number of backbuffer isnt limited IMAGE STUF -png and bmp support -load and draw images -image manager, so that the user only works with id's -image handling ( rotation and scaling ) -reload of bitmas DRAW STUFF -own font drawing system ( bitmap fonts and system fonts ) -color depth independent function calls -output of the pixelformat -line, rectangle and polygon support -clear the screen MISC. STUF -Log Manager -clippers, software and hardware -enumaeration of all video modes etc...

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