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Forsaken Incognito

Would you play this game?

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I'm entering into the 4E5 competition and since I havn't got into the graphics side of programming, am going to make a text adventure. I've spent the last week writing a Design Document, and have had to change my story 5 or so times to get certain things out of it. What I'm going to post is the basic story and possible ways you can play it out. Basic Storyline HoB: Human or Beast - You belong to a medieval tribe located living unaware on a phantom island. The island is always covered in fog, and can be seen in the North Sea under a storm. You live in the middle of a forest clearing, for beyond the forest lays strange creatures that make strange noises. Little do you know that on the other side, lies a modern city. You live in complete safety, until contact is made between the two. War & Death are knocking at your door. Under whose loyalty do you answer it under? Do you ignore the knocking? Or do you entertain them for as long as you can? Story Flow
- Explain the situation; forest is left alone due to strange and loud noises, beasts live out there.
-- Man washes ashore of the phantom island thinking it's Norway because he was traveling north of England
- You are out hunting when the Stag your hunting goes into the forest, you chase
after it.
- You bump into a strange and tall person
-- Man sees two humans bump into each other, stare at each other, and run off
- You tell your people what you saw and scouts are sent out to confirm
- You find out the others are preparing to attack
- Your town starts to panic
-- Man has been watching and thinks thinks they have no idea of the concept of bio-diversity
- You get the town ready to fight
	- The town starts making weapons and armor
	- The town starts training
	- War
- You run away
	- Your town is still in panic when the others attack
- You try to stop the other side from attacking
	- You get yourself killed
	- Your town is still in panic when the others attack
- You try to join the other side
	- You are successful
	- War
	- You fight your town
		- You kill your town and are congratulated by the others
	- You fight the others
		- You and your town gets killed
-- Man watches the war and leaves
-- Man washes on shore of England and tells them, "Humans are beasts"

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This sounds like a mix between King Kong and Lost. The story flow was a little hard to follow. Let me see if I understand what it is doing.

The player will wash ashore on an uncharted island that is only found during storms. There are 2 factions on the island and the player must choose between them and fight the other.

"would you play"
Sure I would play it at least once. Being only a text game you are going to need to have a very strong and compelling story to keep people interested.

Some of the "answers" I would try to answer with your story is a more clear back ground. Do you "belong to a medieval tribe" or were you "washed ashore" What is the goal of the game/story? How did the player come to be washed ashore? Was he on a plane? A ship? On his way to the island that he knew was there or completely unaware of the islands' location or existance. Why are the 2 factions fighting? It don't have to come out in the story but it will make creating the story around that situation a lot easier if you have a base to work from.

What you have is a sliver of a partial idea. Put some more content and work on the logic and I think you'll have a fun game. Good luck.

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It's ok, the story line was a bit bare, really just for me to organize how it can progress.

Basically, you belong to a medieval-like tribe. Throughout the game, there will be like, cutscenes in a game, or breaks in books. These breaks/cutscenes will follow a person from England. Basically he's out in the sea, hits a storm, see's a island and goes to it. He then watches from the sidelines everything that happens, and leaves after the war and tries to get back to England.

As to why their fighting, you don't have the exact reason. However, from the cutscenes/breaks and the actual game, you can tell that each factions have never met another group of people, they've been secluded they have no idea of biodiversity, such as us, caucassions, african-americans, koreans, chinease, etc. In this case, it's much simplier, small and tall people.

From playing from the tribe, you hear that the other side is attacking, and the rest is left up to the imagination.

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sounds really interesting to me
i applaud you for being brave enough to enter with a text based game
im going to assume many people will put too much time into graphics to develop an interesting story or gameplay

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