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Samurai Jack

Direct Input Action Mapping

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Greetings! I was wondering if there is a sample, that demonstates how to use Action maping like that: a) Keyboard with 2 maps for 2 players, for example one (WSAD) and other (up, down, left, right) b) Joysticks c) Perhaps XInput for xbox360 controler? Ok, I know, I can load XInput emulator under direct input enumeration, But I would like to use the vibration functions from xbox. I do not want to end up with thousands of subclases via an interface to solve that problem. I just want to have a component that supports N joysticks, up to 4 xbox controllers, high speed mouse and keyboard. Most likely I would like to have action maps like XBOX360 controlers. So W,Up, XBOX Up, Joystick up and ABXY, Start, Back buttons etc... Thank you in advance.

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