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normalize a model?

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I'm trying to understand what it means to normalize a model (and my math skills are weak). In working with databases, I normalize a database by making sure there is only one copy of any data in the database. If it means what I think it does (scale the model so that all points are between 0 and 1), then it might help me fix my problem of centering any model my app loads and keeping the camera in one direction ... or at least, it would make doing all this much easier. Then I wouldn't have to get the min and max x, y, and z values and figure out the centrioid because I would always know it. Does this make sense? If so, how is this done? Can anyone elaborate on this or comment if it's a good idea to do something like this?

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iam not trying to be mean. it's not possible to be weak at maths and make a game , you
need to get better. i don't know exactly what you mean but i know how it's applied to a vector
(the normal to a vector is vector which is perpendicular to it i.e it's gradiant is -1(1/x) , where x is
the gradiant of the first vector.
maybe it means to fix the object pivot ( this is extremly long , i sugsest that you google it).
my advice it to read a 3d math book.
here are some
3D Math Primer For Graphics and Game Development
Beginning Math & Physics For Game Developers
Physics For Game Developers ( this is a bit more advance)
for more info , search on

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