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I was wanting to make a text adventure game of some sort using C++. I figured this would be a good way of making sure I know how to apply C++ on a console level before jumping into any graphics. However, I'm having trouble knowing where to start or how to apply what I've learned about C++ so far. It would be great if there was somebody that's a little further along than me that wouldn't mind teaming up with me to make it. If you already know how to go about it, if you could even give me little tidbits to work on that would be great. I just want to apply what I know to making a game already. Also, anyone would like to give me some general advice on how to approach this please reply and steer me in the right direction!! Thank you.

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A text adventure is a excellant idea as you can have it as complicated or simple as you like.

First you must get together the basic layout of the game: the main loop, the first few rooms, the commands, etc...

I usaully do this by creating the project and commenting it like this:

//Load current room

//Display room's desription

//input player's text

//Convert text to lowercase

//check player's input to actaul commands

//If commands match, do that command(use item, get item, look around, exit room, quit game, etc...)

I use to load rooms with a ID number for each room, but it is a sloppy way to do it. Currently I'm taking a break from my rpg, and working on a text adventure, and I'm using classes for the rooms and items.(No monsters in this game) If you don't know classes yet, that's fine. You can do it without by having an int labeled 'room' or something, and having it hold the room number. This way is more hardcoded though, and requires lots of while and if switchs.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for your replies. That's a really good way to look at it and that's exactly what i needed. I just didn't really know where to start. thanks so much!!

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