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texture mapping strange problem

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i am using 2d textured quads/untransformed vertices/orthogonal projection (i hate to say this again ...again... in every question:):) .Problem is when i am moving my sprite /character (anything else) in some places (yes only in some places ) of my cartesion coordinate system my texture has some "tearing like thing" (it seems that last vertical left line is lost or pressed.i mean for ex i have 256*256 frame in (120,54) it seems perfect but when it comes (300,412) last vertical left line of it seems to be lost or pressed to the texture.I realized that this is something related with texture mapping so i changed u,v from 1.0 to 0.99 problem seems to be solved (of course i will not chose this way:) ).And one more thing when this mapping error happens i see something like a diagonal tearing effect on my texture? Is this a known error? thnks;

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