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Valor Knight

unicode + tinyxml issue

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Dose anyone know of a modification of tiny xml (or a way to extract unicode from the values) to load and retreive unicode strings? I need to load (or actually, want to support) non-ascii filenames and text in the document. Everything I need is in a std::wstring variable, and it just dosnt work/isnt supported in normal tinyxml. Here is what I want to do: TiXmlDocument xmldoc( L"xmldocument.xml" ); //need a unicode filename ... std::wstring test = object->Attribute( "id" ); //only returns a const char* It says its compatiable with diffrent languages, so if it is stored correct in a char*, how can I convert that to a std::wstring or a wchar_t? mostly I want to know how to get the information back, I can live with a ascii filename thanks

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