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Detect where user clicked MDX

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Ok first of all, I'm new to this community and since it's my first post I think I have to present myself ;o So I'm Tony, 20, and currently a student in an engineering school in france. Since I'm on holiday and I have plenty of free time to spare, I wanted to start a project I'll continue later with my school, a 3D chessgame. The complete C# source code is available at (note all the arts are not made by myself but will be changed later with proper homemade. I hate 3D modelers and I thank artists for providing their arts for free) It looks like this [img][/img] The game is running fine but I'm having a hard time how to figure out where the user clicked on screen... I need to know if he clicked on e4 or b8 whatever. I need to know and I really don't know how to proceed... Also, note that the game use spherical coordinates for moving the camera, and it's actually the came who's moving, not the world (because I've read in a tutorial we have to let the camera stay where it is and move the world instead of moving the camera...), so I dunno if this is a problem or not... Regards, Tony <- my website - not finished and a lot of 404 atm... Just for information.

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