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Making Capture Software..

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***** BACKGROUND INFO - DON'T NEED TO READ IF YOU DON'T WANT**** OK - So my problem is pretty specific, but I think that maybe I should start asking here, and I might get better direction on how to go about this entire thing. I have an ATI TV Wonder Elite Capture card, which is supposed to give you the ability to (obviously) capture from external devices, both cable and analog sources. My problem comes with the capture or playing of these Analog sources. I have my PlayStation 2 connected to my computer via this card, so I can save space in my dorm, and have my computer as the all-in-one solution for me. And in all intents and purposes it works pretty well. Finding the closest-to-right *Free* software was annoying as anything else, but it was done. But it's not Perfect. With each software that came remotely close, there was an issue - be it constant (unreasonable) crashes, or the video being late by half a second, or the audio, or Both. The classic media player did the best, but the audio was .35 milliseconds behind.. only enough to fret about if you're playing games like Guitar Hero or Frequency.. which I Do play lol. ***************************************************************** So I want to make my own Capture/preview software that will just stream Directly from the card (ATI TV Wonder Elite) the video and audio. If I can work in some video enhancement features without losing any speed then that's a plus, BUT NOT NECESSARY. I just need to know where to begin, what to start learning, what to look for (tutorials, etc), so I can start. Maybe I can make this into a nice little learning project for me - haven't messed with C++ for a while. But I Really want to make this work. So... Can anyone Help me?

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I maintained a COM component that made use of a video capture card for a year and a half at a former employer.

You will need:



You will need the following filters:


And then a downstream filter or filters that take the output of the capture filters capture pins and save them to file(ig that is your goal) or from the preview pins to the screen.

Good luck.

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