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OpenGL Main Loop confusion in .Net Appliation with Tao

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I'm very new to .Net programming with C# so I'm having serious problems with it. I need to write a GUI that will display a 3D model of an aircraft according to its orientation. However GUI will not just consist of the 3D model, there will also be indicators for speed, altitude, engine status etc. For this reason I have decided to use Tao for the OpenGL part and .Net for Windows controls part of my application. But I have two questions in my mind: 1)I couldn't find a place to put my Render function. Methods are added to delegates to functionalize controls but for certain events. So how can I call my Render function in every frame? 2) How can I write an Application in which both windows controls and OpenGL code run. I mean as I mentioned above, I will display a 3D model but there will also be many indicators for various things. So I need OpenGL in just a small part of the client area. All OpenGL application I have written were using all of the client area so I'm confused with the current situation. Thanks in advance,

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