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string to directinput key enum

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Let's say I have the string name of a key that I saved in a config file, like "space". I want to read that in and convert it to a DirectInput.Key enum in MDX or something like a DIK_???. See here: MSDN page I looked all over the place, but it seems like I have to make a table with the string to int correspondence. Is there any other way besides making a table with values like from that link above? P.S. Going the other direction (enum to string) is easy(ier).

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No, not that I know of.

If you program in C, then the fastest thing you can do is create a hash-table is you are worried about performance.

If you program in C++, use a map (STL object) to associate some string with an int.

If you program in C#, well, you are on your own. Find something with C++'s STL map in functionality.
You might try to see if:

Map m = new HashMap();

works. That is for Java, but it likely exists on .NET because M$ loves to steal code AND ideas.

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