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Qublix: A 3D Sliding Block Puzzle Game

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Announcing "Qublix", the inaugural project for So what is Qublix? Qublix is like a typical sliding puzzle game, but with a twist. Instead of moving around two dimensional tiles, the player will manipulate three dimensional blocks to solve a puzzle. Puzzles will vary from basic ones, such as constructing a picture on each face of the Qublix cube, to intense logic puzzles. Planned Features: - Timed and untimed play. - High score/best time tracking. - Configurations from 2x2x2 puzzles up to 16x16x16 puzzles. - "Create the picture" and other pattern matching puzzles. - Logic puzzles. - Sudoku puzzles. - Hidden and Unlockable puzzles. - Configurable controls and interface. - Puzzle creator/editor utility. - PC, Xbox and GBA ports. Currently, the project has two downloadables. First, there is a proof of concept promotional teaser movie. Also available is the debugger created to test the viability of the puzzle core. Both files, as well as future downloads, are available here: PouncingKitten File Repository Beta testing for Qublix will begin within the next month and is open to the public. To become a beta tester for this or future projects, please see the information here: PouncingKitten Forums

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