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boost::shared_ptr as member variable

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Hey guys, i'm working with g++, boost and Linux and am trying to get this running:
class ConditionEditor : public QWidget
		void setText(QString text);
		QString text();
		QVBoxLayout *layout;
		boost::shared_ptr<int> ptr;
		QString m_text;

	: QWidget(),
	  layout(new QVBoxLayout(this)),
	  ptr(new int(5)),
Forget about the Qt Stuff. Also the pointer type int is just an example here to make things easier. I get a segfault when executing this code. I get a segfault as long as i'm using a smart pointer as a member variable. It doesn't matter if it isn't initialized, or if it's initialized via MIL (as above) or via assignment. I don't get why I can't use the smart pointer as a member. If I put it into the constructor (which doesn't make sense for what I want), the code compiles and executes. Any ideas? EDIT: uhm, I still forgot another thing I tried. I made the smart pointer static. Then the program didn't crash anymore. Why that? The problem is that I don't want the variable to be static.

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How are you using the object?

Did you try it with just the smart pointer as a member, to be sure the problem is there?

How, if at all, have you attempted to debug this so far?

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thx, Zahlman, for your reply.

This is very odd. Today everything just works as expected. I will check my RAM tonight, there seems something to be broken at hardware level. My Computer also crashed today one time, what i am not used to.

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