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Callback library

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I'm writing a GUI system, and I need a good C++ callback library to implement event-handling. I already tried using libsigc++ v2.0.17, but my test programs crash (SIGSEGV inside STL, when calling sigc::signal.connect ()). I downgraded to libsigc+++ v2.0.0, and the same thing happened. Now I'm looking for another C++ callback library. Type safety is required. Any suggestions?

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Okay, could you atleast help me with libsigc++?
Here's my test program:

#include <sigc++/sigc++.h>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

static void handler1 (char *s)
cout << "1) " << s << endl;

static void handler2 (char *s)
cout << "2) " << s << endl;

main (void)
sigc::signal<void,char*> mysig;

mysig.connect (ptr_fun (&handler1));
mysig.connect (ptr_fun (&handler2));

mysig.emit ("foo");
mysig.emit ("bar");

exit (0);

It dies like this:

Starting program: C:\Dev-Cpp\Projects\phgui\test/test-sigc.exe

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x10003499 in std::_List_node_base::hook(std::_List_node_base*) ()
Current language: auto; currently c++
(gdb) bt
#0 0x10003499 in std::_List_node_base::hook(std::_List_node_base*) ()
#1 0x10039924 in std::list<sigc::slot_base, std::allocator<sigc::slot_base> >::
insert(std::_List_iterator<sigc::slot_base>, sigc::slot_base const&) (
this=0x18, __position={_M_node = 0x18}, __x=@0x23ff58)
at C:/MinGW/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/../../../../include/c++/3.4.2/bits/
#2 0x10001548 in sigc::internal::signal_impl::insert(std::_List_iterator<sigc::
slot_base>, sigc::slot_base const&) (this=0x10, i={_M_node = 0x18},
slot_=@0x23ff58) at signal_base.cc:64
#3 0x1000158f in sigc::internal::signal_impl::connect(sigc::slot_base const&)
(this=0x10, slot_=@0x23ff58)
at C:/MinGW/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/../../../../include/c++/3.4.2/bits/
#4 0x10001770 in sigc::signal_base::connect(sigc::slot_base const&) (
this=0x23fea0, slot_=@0x23ff58) at signal_base.cc:122
#5 0x0041127b in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#6 0x004013d7 in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#7 0x0040116a in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#8 0x00401018 in _size_of_stack_reserve__ ()
#9 0x7c816d4f in _libmsvcrt_a_iname ()

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Guest Anonymous Poster
What about sigslot?

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I'm guessing that libsigc++ is built into a dll, and your own application is in another dll or exe.

Check that you are using the same runtime libraries in both the libsigc++ library and in your application.

Check that you are compiling/linking the libsigc++ library using the same defines as your application.

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Hmm, tough decision...
To use libsigc++, dig through a dozen of makefiles, mess with cryptic spaghetti "CXXFLAGS" definitions, start losing hair, and finally link my application against a ~700kB DLL, or to simply include a cute ~70kB sigslot.h header?

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