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using d3d in 2d-games

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okay, first let me try to explain what i''m about to do. it''s a classic 2d-program, tile-based but non-isometrical. the main problem is that i will use a lot of translucency and with this i mean that sometimes every tile onscreen will use this effect. so i think using directdraw isn''t an option anymore. so the next thing i thought about to do was using two polygons (d3d) in the size of the whole screen (640*480) and map the entire frame as a whole, single texture on it. now someone told me that this isn''t a good idea and certainly wouldn''t work on every graphic card. now i''m thinking about using (two) tile-sized polygons for every tile and have the following questions: 1. i was thinking about to divide the whole screen into 20*15 _fixed_ tile-sized polygons. i mean i''m thinking about not to scroll the polygons with the tile-bitmap as a texture itself but scrolling the textures over the fixed polygons (so the polygons itself won''t ever move just get different tiles mapped at it as the camera moves). is that a good idea or should i do it the other way around? 2. now imagine this program - whether the polygons scroll or just the textures scroll: many 2d tile-based games use different layers for background, foreground and so on. would it be possible to use such different layers consisting of the tile-sized polygons? the z-values for each layer would be the same, is this possible? i don''t know if this makes sense but i thought that making it so you wouldn''t have the redraw every single tile-texture, just the respective layer and the alpha- blending would do the rest. what do you think? okay, that''s all for now, thank you and more questions will follow soon. - twohours (ta:ke:s_/a_-bo-w_)

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