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Do I understand the idea behind textured quads?

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I've been looking at some tutorials on textured quads with D3D. One thing about tutorials, though, is it's tough to know if you're getting the overall picture or not; and I learn much better when I have an "overall" viewpoint. I think I see two main ways of implementing textured, so please enlighten me on how accurate these are: 1) "RHW" method This method is similar to how you would implement 2D graphics the old fashioned way- it uses screen coordinates to draw. Although conceptually simpler, this is somewhat more difficult to implement than method 2 because more work is left to the end programmer. It does not easily support rotation or zooming of the quads. This method does not seem to have many advantages to me. 2) "Planar" method This method uses the vertex buffer (and an index buffer) to create a 2D plane of quads, and draws all the textures onto this vertex plane. Once the camera is set up, it is easy to rotate or zoom in on the quads. It is simpler for the end programmer to render because DirectX handles the window clipping automatically and lots of other work, too. Also, there is less texture movement as the camera pans because an individual quad will generally always have the same texture (barring animation), which is not the case for method 1. Perhaps there is slowdown if the plane is much larger than the screen size (I'm not sure how it handles stuff that is not viewable from the current camera viewpoint). So is this basically correct?

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