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GammaRamp HELP!

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Hello everyone? I've been busting my brain trying to get the gamma ramp in directx to work. I don't want a fadeout or any effect. I just want to be able to set a rgb color, like in underwater games or swamp or when you get shot that you see al red, you know, basic stuff. so far I use this and get no change what so ever, it looks like I'd never set the gammaramp:
r1 = 255
g1 = b1 = 0
	for(int loop = 0; loop < 256; loop++) {

		c_gammaRamp.red[loop] = r1;			 
   		c_gammaRamp.green[loop] = g1; 
		c_gammaRamp. blue [loop] = b1;			

        m_device->SetGammaRamp( 0 , D3DSGR_NO_CALIBRATION, &c_gammaRamp);

Now my question is do I need any extra code for it to work, I already tried with calibration. I have no Idea because the directx help is pretty vage on this topic at least for my knowledge. thanks

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The gamma ramp is the wrong way wrong way to produce such an effect. It is there to allow you to implement an ingame gamma control option that let your user calibrate the display to your game.

What you are looking for are alpha blending or post filter effects.

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