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Number of sprites per action?

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I am ready to create sprites for a 2D iso-tile based game. Characters are free to move in 8 directions, excluding the turn based battle mode (only 4 movements in battle mode). I was thinking, how many number of sprites should I have per character action? For instance, in the "walking" action, should I create number of sprites just enough to show a full cycle in a single tile to tile movement? Is it an issue that I need to keep in mind that diagonal movements are faster than the other 4 directions? Should I create more sprites for faster movements (such as "running") to maintain a fairly good equality of FPS among all actions? This is very confusing for me, and I''m confusing myself by saying this. Any help will be appreciated!

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This might seem not to be a great help but it really works best:
Try out what looks best and what you can paint by yourself.

Start with some really simple sprites and see if it looks smoth. If it doesn''t add some sprites.

Maybe you could use a simple 3d animator/modeller and render the frames. Then you could easily change the number of frames by rendering your animation again (different speed etc.)


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I went a certain route to do my sprites. After all is said and done. I would *HIGHLY* recommend doing the art for your characters in a 3D modeler then export as bitmap images and then into a tileset. You can use a free modeler called Anim8tor if you dont got the $$, and it has a skeleton creator to make ranges of motion and everything to animation becomes much faster once you got the model and skelton working.

But if you can spit out some art thats reasonable well done in paint..go for it.

As for actions:
running - anywhere from 6 to 12 frames per direction
sword attack - anywhere from 3 to 5 is good.

For me, i use 12 frames running and 3 frame attack for main character. And this is cutting out the 16 frame walking sequence i also had and cutting the attack from 5 to 3. You really wanna do some calculations and see what size frames u gonna use and how many per character..because if u use 16bit or more colors...it adds up very fast!!!

Oh, here examples of what im doing...12 frame run, 3 step attack:

this 12 frame maybe too much, but u can see how smooth it is!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
FWIW, the 2D fight games use about 7-10 frames for each action. Sometimes they go as high as 15 (long walking sequences), but most are 7 or so.

In these games, the only real animation is the characters, so they can afford to put in more frames and not tax the machine. I expect that would be a maximum that you might need.

I think the proper selection of poses could get you a lot of mileage in reducing the frame count. I saw an old megaman animation (running) on Seanbaby''s site that had only 4 frames, but with the small size it seemed just fine.

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