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A few random questions?

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* Hey, I love the new site, but i''m thinking. It might be nice if when you clicked on Forum it went to a different layout, or a new window (with smaller title bar/menu bar). On my 1024x768 screen, i have to scroll left and right to view the whole gamedev.net forum, which isn''t THAT bad, but somewhat of a cosmetic problem. Just letting you know (since it looks like you run at a much higher resolution than 1024x768). * Also, I''m in the market for a new gfx card. You are a Radeon user, how do you like it? I have heard the drivers are problematic, have they been improving? I really like the features of Radeon (T&L, bump, etc.). I''m looking at the 64 MEG Radeon DDR ($220). * I''ve been watchin'' some cool tech-demos, and I''m wondering if there is a way to do MetaBalls in realtime? If not, no big deal, just wondering. -Rich

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1) Changed the forum so it shows in a new window

2) I have had very few problems with the Radeon Drivers. A couple of games didn''t draw correctly, and there seems to be a problem with table fog, so sometimes fogging doesn''t work in games. I would suggest waiting for one of the next generation DirectX8 cards with pixel shaders if you''re thinking of buying a new one right now.

3) Yes I have done realtime meta balls with PR in one of my old Glide screensavers (ION). If I find the source I''ll put it up in the user area if you like.

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