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Terrain editor & Docs

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Chris, In a recent post you mentioned that there would be a function that would load an entire level, which included "objects". This made me wonder what exactly you meant. I am familiar with Lithtech, they have a decent level editor that is pretty well integrated with objects created in your DLLs. By objects, what exactly are you refering to, trees, enemies, ANYTHING, all of the above? Is there a method of integrating the terrain editor with programmed objects, for example adding properties (name for example) to objects in the terrain editor? Also, I am interested in looking at the documents for the engine, is it possible to take a look at documents to a recent version of the engine? Thanks Chris Barnes

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I meant it would load in all of the files needed to display the level. This includes the scenery, characters, and related textures and sound effects.

I plan on adding the ability to create custom data structures for each object type. For example you''ll be able to reference other objects by their name, add variables and so on.

Basically each object will allocate a chunk of memory. You define what it is used for and the editor generates the structures you can use in your C application for accessing it.
Keep in mind this hasn''t been implemented yet.

You can grab the PR3 docs from here: http://www.egerter.com/prdemos/pr30docs.zip

I do not have full documentation for the Landscape Editor or PR4 ready yet.

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Thanks for the quit reply Chris.

That sounds great, when do you think you would be adding the object functionality?

I have a couple more general questions if you don''t mind.

First of all, what kind of functionality is in the terrain editor currently? You mentioned putting characters in there, how would you go about connecting a character with code?

In the features section, it is mentioned that the maps loop so they never run out. How difficult/possible is it to load up different maps dynamically and tag it on to the edge of the current map? (.. instead of the map looping)

How big can a terrain map be?

Thanks again Chris!

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