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OpenGL GLSL@Radeon9800Pro: some gl_FragCoord.z issue

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Hi there! I'm currently implementing some fire effects using GLSL's fragment shaders & following fragment shaders is fine so far:
uniform float     pscale; // common pertubation scale
uniform vec2      bounds; // texture bounds
uniform float     lod;    // some level of detail
uniform sampler2D flames; // flames texture
uniform sampler2D heat;   // pertubation map (s offs, t offs, 0, offs scale)
uniform sampler2D scene;  // scene texture

void main(void) {

    // read pertubation value
    vec4 p = texture2D(heat, gl_TexCoord[0].st / lod);
    // scale pertubation by fragment's depth
    // p.a *= (1.0 - gl_FragCoord.z);
    // compute pertubated texture coords
    vec2 uv = gl_TexCoord[0].st + (p.xy - vec2(0.5, 0.5)) * p.a * pscale;
    // clamp pertubated texture coords to bounds
    vec2 st = clamp(uv, vec2(0, 0), bounds);
    // read flames & scene colors
    vec4 fcol = texture2D(flames, st / lod);
    vec4 scol = texture2D(scene, st);

    // output mixed flames & scene colors
    gl_FragColor = mix(scol, fcol, fcol.a);

However, when I uncomment the scale-pertubation-by-gl_FragCoord.z line, OpenGL drops to software rendering: - no matter if GL_DEPTH_TEST is disabled or (enabled && glDepthFunc(GL_ALWAYS)) - default glDepthRange (0..1, I think) - glPolygonOffset untouched Anybody any clue ?

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