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Mobile/Pocket PC C# Ide/environment?

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I just saw a post on these boards refering to C# for pocket pc and mobiles, can someone please point me in the direction of the ides/dev tools? I'd prefer a free version if there are any. Also slightly related, is there a big market for pocket pc/mobile games? Which would you suggest making a game on yourself of the two? (I'd prefer pocket pc for added power/screensize, but in the end I follow the money trail like anyone else) Oh and lastly, I have neither a mobile(Yeah I know, join the 21st century already) nor a pocketpc, so are there any good emulators for either that are compatible with C# deveoped apps?

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Visual Studio 2005 is free, expess licence.
Download now from :
Quickly, because it won't be free on the next year.

But, about game programming for mobiles, I'm not a guru.
Virtually, every game on .NET is capable to run on Mobile devices with Pocket PC.
See http://msdn.microsoft.com/mobility/windowsmobile/howto/getstarted/default.aspx
For details.

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Thanks for the tip. Are you sure VC Express has mobile deployment options?
I did some googling after posting this and I found a few tutorials on pocket pc development, but all seemed to suggest only the standard editions covered mobile development?

I have vc2005 express already and im pretty sure it's windows only. I'll download C# just to see though.
Any chance to download a mobile sdk for the express edition like you would the platform sdk for C++?

No free alternatives *if* I do need standard? Not even sure i have enough disk space for the full version. (15gb hd ftl)

Also anyone know what's up with the supposed windows mobile emulator from ms? I downloaded, 1.3mb. I ran it, and it says "Registered" then exits.
No program opens, just a cmd line. Any freeware homebrew emulators?

Atm I've decided to go the HAM/GBA route for sheer simplicy but I'd prefer to do a pocketpc game. Smaller market but no licensing issues etc.

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