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Palette cycling on SDL window?

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I've written a small sound player utility using SDL and SDL_Mixer. I want to make a small palette cycle animation so I can get familiarized with the APIs in time to start my next porting job. The program I'm going to be porting is written in C with a macro library to make the curly braces go away. It makes it look more like Basic but I think you can figure out what's going on. Here's how I'm setting the palette up:
//  set the palette entries for color cycling
void CalculatePalette(int frame)
  int shade,temp;
  FOR (shade=256; shade>0; shade--) DO
      temp=(shade+frame)AND 255;

And here's how it gets sent to the window in the event loop:
            CalculatePalette((unsigned int)colorcount);
            IF (SDL_Flip < 0) THEN
                fprintf(stderr, "error in page flipping\n");
            SDL_Delay(0);  // let the multitasking work properly

The problem is that the contents of the window stays black even though it should have shades of grey pulsating through the design. -edit- Here's how the window is allocated at the beginning:
    /* Set video mode to open window */
    screen = SDL_SetVideoMode (512, 8, 8, SDL_SWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF | SDL_HWPALETTE);
    IF (screen == NULL) THEN
        fprintf(stderr,"SDL_SetVideoMode: %s\n", SDL_GetError);

Do you think I should be using some other flags on opening the window? I know it should have to be blitted to the display (which is 32-bit true color) but I don't know how I should set up my window any differently.

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I dont know if this is part of your "different" programming macro style, but SDL_Flip() takes an argument, and that argument is usually your screen surface taht you want to flip.

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After having tested sdlBasic's color-cycling demo and having read in the comments in that demo that it doesn't work in a window and requires having X reset in Linux, I'm going to have to find another way to do the animation.

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