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GDI+ and resizing of images and ....

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Hello, I started to work myself into GDI+ and encountered my first problem that I do not find a solution for. Neither in MSDN nor anywhere on the net is a description how to resize an image. What I try to do is more than simple: I want to load a JPEG, then resize it (or do other stuff with it) and then save it back to the harddrive. Image does not have a resizing function so I assume I have to create a second object. This but cannot be a Image since I cannot specify any size. Therefore I use 'Bitmap' and pass either a copy of the 'Graphics' object of the original Image or its 'PixelFormat'. Accessing the 'Graphics' object of the new 'Image'(Bitmap) object is no good since I only can blit from another 'Image' with the 'DrawImage' member. So I use the GetHBITMAP() function of the 'Bitmap' object that I created and modify the contents of the memory context inside. I even checked that the image data is on the bitmap, yet when I execute the Save() member I just get a file with the correct dimensions but completely black. Does anybody have a complete source code fully functional or can somebody explain why this has to be so damn complicated ? Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks. P.S. I am using no C#, just plain C++.

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Here it goes:

/* Load the picture */
Gdiplus::Image imgPicture( L"source.jpg" );

/* Extract the PixelFormat of the image */
gdipifoImage = imgPicture.GetPixelFormat();

/* Get the device context of this dialog */
CClientDC clsClientDC(this);

/* Reallocate the global picture holder */
clsGlobPicture.Create( clsClientDC.m_hDC, imgPicture.GetWidth(), imgPicture.GetHeight() );

/* Request the device context of the holder */
HDC hDC = clsGlobPicture.QueryDC();

/* Allocate a GDI+ graphics object and pass the holders device context */
Gdiplus::Graphics gdiGraphic( hDC );

/* Draw the picture into the holder completely in pixel units */
gdiGraphic.DrawImage( &imgPicture, 0, 0, imgPicture.GetWidth(), imgPicture.GetHeight() );

/* Release the context from the graphic object */

/* Release the holders context */

/* Create a GDI+ Bitmap */
Gdiplus::Bitmap gdiBitmap( clsGlobPicture.GetWidth(), clsGlobPicture.GetHeight(), gdipifoImage );

/* Prepare to receive the GDI+ Bitmaps HBITMAP handle */
Gdiplus::Color gdiColor; HBITMAP hbmBitmap;

/* Get the bitmap */
gdiBitmap.GetHBITMAP(gdiColor, &hbmBitmap);

/* Create a ExBitmap */
CExBitmap clsTemp; clsTemp.Attach(clsClientDC.m_hDC, hbmBitmap);

/* Blit in */
clsTemp.BlitIn( &clsGlobPicture, 0,0,0,0, clsGlobPicture.GetWidth(), clsGlobPicture.GetHeight() );

/* Get the JPEG encoder ID */
CLSID jpgClsid; CPrinterApp::GetCodecClsid( L"image/jpeg", jpgClsid );

/* Save it */
gdiBitmap.Save( L"target.jpg", &jpgClsid, NULL );

CExBitmap is a class that encapsulates some Win32 functions to handle Bitmaps properly. The point is that the image data is definitely transferred to hbmBitmap. I tested it. Further, jpgClsid is correct as well. It might be that some encoding parameters have to be passed but I already read them out before with the image to load the jpeg and passed them with no effect.

Any ideas ?

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