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[FIXED] [Allegro] Performance tank in 16bpp/32bpp modes

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EDIT: Found the problem, and OMG I'm an idiot. Move along, nothing to see here... (For the record, I was calling set_color_depth *after* set_gfx_mode, when it should be called *before*.) I'm using Allegro 4.2 with MSVC++ 8. I'm running on a P4 2.6GHz, 1024 MB RAM, and a GeForce 6800 GT. If I run my Allegro app in 8bpp color depth, I get all the frames/second I could ever wish for. If I turn it up to 16bpp or 32bpp, I get about 10 frames/second. All I'm rendering is: - Clear video buffer (NOT screen) to black - stretch_blit to buffer one 32x32 bitmap - Blit buffer to screen Is there additional setup necessary to run higher color depths effectively, or is it just a characteristic of the library? I'm sure I'm not taxing my 6800 GT. ;) -Josh [Edited by - invicticide on June 25, 2006 3:22:01 PM]

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