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weird error

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This is a simple problem yet it evades me =(
void Add()
     x + y = answer;
     std::cout <<x <<" plus "<< y <<" equals "<< answer"\n";

and the errors non-lvalue in assignment expected `;' before string constant Thanks in advance.

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LValue = left side value. These are variables you can change.
RValue = right side value. These are variables that you can read.

x + y = answer

It doesn't know how to set (x + y) to anything... thus, it says its not an L-value.

Also, make sure x and y are somewhere in your code. If that is the entire function, x and y must be globals. I'm guessing that you have them somewhere, or it would complain that it doesn't know what x and y are.

So to fix your problem:
answer = x + y;

oh... and in your cout... at the very end you need to change
answer << "\n";
answer << std::endl;

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