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splitting source code into .h/.cpp files

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well, i started out work on a renderer for a project some friends and i are working on and i made the mistake of not splitting up the source code as i went into appropriate .h/.cpp files. well, now i'm paying the price. for some reason i'm faced with mysterious "multiple definition of <variable name>" errors for every variable in one of my files ("global.h" to specific). and i have no idea what i'm doing wrong. i am using #ifndef, #define, and #endif for all my .h files to make sure there isn't any repeat definitions, but that isn't working. i had sporadic trouble with this in other projects, and it might be an issue with dev-cpp, but i doubt it. anyways, if anyone can see the issue in the following code and would be kind enough to let me know what it is, i'd be more than thankful!
//-------- main.cpp --------//
// the troublesome variables
// are not directly used here
// but it has the #include, so
// i figured i'd put it in :)
#include "globals.h"

int main()

//-------- globals.h --------//
// this is the file that holds
// the variables that have the
// mysterious "multiple
// definition" error, but i'm
// not sure it occurs in this
// file
#ifndef GLOBALS_H
#define GLOBALS_H

#include <GL/glfw.h>
#include <IL/ilut.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <io.h>
using namespace std;
#include "initializations.h"

int WINDOW_WIDTH = 800;
int WINDOW_HEIGHT = 600;

// the variables below here
// are the ones messing up

float heading; 
float ypos = 15.0f;
GLfloat	yrot; 
GLfloat lookupdown = 0.0f; 

int mousebasex = WINDOW_WIDTH/2;
int mousebasey = WINDOW_HEIGHT/2;
int dx, dy, dmousewheel;
int mousewheelbase;
bool iscrouching = false;
bool ismovingright = false;
bool ismovingleft = false;
bool ismovingforward = false;
bool ismovingbackwards = false;
bool isjumping = false;


//-------- initializations.h --------//
// no issues here that i know of, but
// i have no idea where the issue is
// to begin with :)
#include "globals.h"


void initializecallbacks();
void GLFWCALL keyboardcallback(int key, int action);
void GLFWCALL mouseposcallback(int x, int y);
void GLFWCALL mousebuttoncallback(int button, int action);
void GLFWCALL mousewheelcallback(int pos);
void GLFWCALL resize(int width, int height);
void initializevisuals();


//-------- initializations.cpp --------//
// everything that doesn't use the
// troublesome variables has been cut out

#include "initializations.h"

void initializecallbacks()

void GLFWCALL keyboardcallback(int key, int action)
    case GLFW_KEY_ESC:
    case 32: // space
//      yspeed = 200.0f;
//      totaltime = yspeed / gravity;
      isjumping = true;
    case 65: // 'A'
    case 97: // 'a'
      ismovingleft = !ismovingleft;
      ismovingright = false;
    case 68: // 'D'
    case 100: // 'd'
      ismovingright = !ismovingright;
      ismovingleft = false;
    case 83: // 'S'
    case 115: // 's'
      ismovingbackwards = !ismovingbackwards;
      ismovingforward = false;
    case 87: // 'W'
    case 119: // 'w'
      ismovingforward = !ismovingforward;
      ismovingbackwards = false;
    case 67: // 'C'
    case 99: // 'c'
      iscrouching = !iscrouching;
        ypos -= .125f;
        ypos += .125;

void GLFWCALL mouseposcallback(int x, int y)
  dx = x - mousebasex;
  dy = y - mousebasey;
  mousebasex = x;
  mousebasey = y;
  lookupdown += dy * 0.15f;
  heading -= dx * 0.15f;
  if(heading < 0.0f)
    heading = heading + 360.0f;
  else if (heading > 360.0f)
    heading = heading - 360.0f;
  yrot = heading;

void GLFWCALL mousebuttoncallback(int button, int action)

void GLFWCALL mousewheelcallback(int pos)
  dmousewheel = pos - mousewheelbase;
  mousewheelbase = pos;
  ypos += dmousewheel * 15;

void GLFWCALL resize(int width, int height)

void initializevisuals()

again, thank you for any help you can provide (i did search the forums, but unfortunately i only could find the #ifndef, #define, and #endif solution)!

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Anything you put in a .h file needs to be declared extern, unless it's a function declaration, or if it's a const.

Also, all your globals will need exactly one definition in a .c/.cpp file.

To use your globals.h as an example, the easy fix would be to rename it to globals.cpp, and then create a new globals.h file that has all those variables declared to be extern, and then remove all the definitions (the = [value] stuff)

Hope this helps.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
never declare variables in header files, unless they are const or extern...

const says "this variable is not actually variable, its constant, like a define" so its ok.

extern says "this variable exists... somewhere, but its not here", so its ok too coz you're not actually creating a variable (Make sure you never use = in the same line as extern tho, coz that says "put this value into a box which is somewhere i dont know")

If you extern a variable in a header, u have to put it into ONE c file, and this is where you put the actual initial value.

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ah, okay. man, i knew it would be simple but i really didn't know what kind of simple. :)

strangely, when i searched through gd.net i don't think i came upon that article (probably used the wrong key words), but is a very good one.

again, thank you for your help!

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