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My first isometric tile Map

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Well I started to make my first isometric tile map and I thought it was off to a great start looked great. Started to add scrolling and noticed a problem when scrolling Up or Down the odd rows are bouncing 1 unit to the right then back to the left. This is because i made a staggered isometric map. Not the "official" isometric. Should I convert this to an isometric like jim adams article or leave it as it is? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I only ask because the jim adams article confuses me... and I am not sure how to go about converting mine or making mine isometric. I think I can i will probably have to sit down and figure out all the math behind it cause i can't find any good resources online. Sorry im rambling :-) Any Questions? Suggestions?

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I had a similar problem when making my map...I even converted to the other model but found that it was more complex than i wanted to deal with.

to fix your problem you have to seperate your screen from the world....

do not always start rendering at 0,0 or 32,0 provided 32 is your odd offset

instead, ask the tile where it should be in screen space then place it on the screen in that position. Then you can move your screen around by changing the x and y screen offset. Probably the 2 most important methods you will create are
WorldToScreen(x,y) and ScreenToWorld(x,y)

I generally just calculate how big my screen is in tiles wide and high and loop over that size to draw my map.

did that make sense?

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