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Implmenting animations in an online shooter

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I wander how I'm gonna do it =/ Whats the best way to do animations in an online shooter? I know in quake the server is totaly responsible for informing the clients about current animation state for a given entity, however that doesn't quite work for my project. I'm going to make the server completely in charge of all the game state and the clients as terminals sortof. So its the server that desides what happens on the clients. I've been thinking of sending over events to the clients so that they can play the apropriate animations, like sending WEAPON_RELOAD would play a reload animation for the weapon, but that would mean a delay between the action and reaction due to latency.. Allso since the server wouldnt be loading the animation it cant know when the animation is done. Hmm... what do you people think? How do current engines do it? How does Unreal do it? I havent been able to find much info by googling =/

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You need to prioritise your events.

Something like a weapon being fired is high priority.
Triggering a reload or taunt animation is usually low priority.

The question is how accurate do you want the clients to be - if changing the animation on a player alters their collision mesh (say you have individual hit boxes for heads, bodies and legs) or do you simplify things on the server?

If you want to ensure that a shooter's client can target, accurately, based on the current state on the *target*'s client then you need to send more precise information - say ducked and unducked states.

If the server has to maintain collision calculations in a precise manner, then it *does* need to load and play the animations on the collision meshes for the characters.

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