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multithreading basics

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I have only heard of multithreading and read a couple articles on google about c++ multithreading, but I am still unsure if it's a good idea to add multithreading capabilities to a search. Basically I have a vector of maps ( about 1000 std::map type files ) that needs to be searched for a specific text that the user has inputed. How about should I implement this multithreading capability? Thank You before hand.

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What I'd do is partition the map into chunks and use separate threads to search each chunk, and then after each thread has finished searching, collect the results from each search.

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Ask yourself this:
1) how much disk access is needed to search one map?
2) how much memory access is needed to search one map?
3) how much CPU usage is needed to search one map?

If you have very little disk access per map, then you are in good shape.
If you need lots of disk accesses per map, then threading isn't going to help you.

Likewise, memory accesses can kill a multithreaded application due to cache thrashing.
There is a much much higher limit on this than the disk bottleneck.

Now down to the CPU. You managed to get the memory and disk bandwidth down, and you are using lots of CPU checks (read tight inner loop)
to find your string.
What is the fastest way to do this? probably a batch job of X maps where X = # maps / # CPU's.
Split up the lists of maps(or range in the common container) and assign one batch per thread.
Collate your responses as each thread finishes, and return that to the user.

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