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DX: When should I use video/system memory?

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Hi, I''m writing a game. It''s just a normal game. It doesn''t do any special pixel plotting or anything, just blitting. What I want to know is: Which surfaces should I put into video memory and which surfaces should I put into system memory? On my computer (PIII 600), video memory surfaces seem to go really jerky compared to system memory surfaces. Both run at about full speed. On an older computer (P133), video memory surfaces go fast but jerky, while system memory surfaces go EXTREMELY slow (25fps). I''m also wondering, would it be faster just to manually handle all of my surfaces rather than use DirectDraw''s IDirectDrawSurface7? If you have experience in this, PLEASE HELP!!! Dave2001, MAILTO(;

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Since you are making a distinction between jerky and slow, I presume you mean you getting video tearing when blitting from vid->vid. As long as you wait for a vertical retrace when flipping (or blitting) your backbuffer to the screen, you shouldn''t get any tearing.

Or did you mean something else? I can''t think of any good reason not to put your surfaces in video memory, presuming they fit.

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