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I am so desperate...

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Man, asking questions is fine, but begging people to write code for you is just plain lazy. It''s a bitmap file -- there are structures defined in the Windows headers to read in the file headers, and there is no compression applied to the RGB data. That''s about as easy as it gets as far as image loading is concerned. You should *really* learn how to do this yourself, and there are programs and documentation for it everywhere.

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Both Paint Shop Pro 6 and up as well as Photoshop 6 (probably earlier version of both programs can do this as well) can open tons of formats, include BMP''s, and save to a RAW format. The raw format can be configured to be just a dump of RGB data.

Otherwise, look up the following items in the MSDN: LoadImage, GetPixel, HDC, SelectObject. Then, I assume that you know how to save to files with either stdio.h or fstream.h.

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