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Angular Velocity

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Hi, I've been trying to get Angular physics into my new project, I've been doing some reading after my first attempt with Quatertions failed, and I heard that just useing 3d Vectors is how it should be done. So I went out to look for information on them, but the only information on useing this form that I could found when back and used Quaternions as its basis for math, which completely contradictory in my case. So here I am, I need help in being able to use Angular velocity, useing 3d Vectors or another mean if nessisary. Any information on how to use 3d Vectors to store, or work with Angular Velocity would be greatly apprecitated. Any websites that help out would be greatly apprecaited too! Thanks in advance!

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You might want to take a look at Chris Hecker's excellent tutorials on physics. In his 4th article he explains the math involved in dealing with rotations in 3D, using matrices.

The problem with 3D angular velocity is that there is an arbitrary axis of rotation and rigid bodies react differently to torques applied on them on different points.

The intertia of a body is different for each axis of rotation, that's why rotations is a major issue.

It would have been really easy to just change the rotation angle around some axis and just create the orientation matrix and be done with it. Although this works, it's hardly optimal.

In fact, quaternions allow you to do exactly that without having to recreate the orientation matrix from scratch, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Read the articles he has on his site:

When you're done you'll be able to implement it in code and the conversion from working with matrices to quaternions is rather easy to do.

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