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[web] Javascript question

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how to do this in javascript (sorry, uber noob here): instead of:
<a href="somepage.html">Click Me</a>
I wish to use javascript in the href tag:
<a href="javascript:somefunction()">Click Me</a>
i searched google, and i could only find examples that would pop up a new window ( with sompage.html on the new window. I wish for the current window to load sompage.html, not on a new window. The reason is because I wish to generate random links to it. Thanks.

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The html still references to another page, i believe you have to catch the OnClick, OnOver events etc,

The best place for learning this stuff is


Hope that helps,


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Use window.location


function myfunction()
window.location = '';

<a href="javascript:myfunction()">Click Me</a>


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I highly recommend you do not use javascript:

Most people don't know what javascript: does - javascript: runs the code after the :, then loads a document containing HTML which is its output (return value).

The only way of avoiding this is returning the value "void".

This is not a good idea, as on many browsers it creates race conditions, i.e. the browser is trying to load a blank page (with "" as its HTML), simultaneously it tries to load something else. One of them wins, but it's not necessarily always the same one.

Instead, use

<a href="mypage.html" onclick="return SomeClickFunc()">My funky link</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
function SomeClickFunc() {
window.location.href = "whatever.html";
return false; // suppress the original function of the click event.

Which is much more sound - and will go to mypage.html if javascript is disabled or fails. Also use this for popups, with the appropriate URL in the href- even if JS is enabled, this gives you the added advantage that the link will be marked as "visited" appropriately so that CSS selectors like a:visited apply to it.


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