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Struggling to get past first base

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Being totally new to game creation I decided it would be best to see what free programs existed for a non-programmer to get a grounding in basic game development, before I purchased any software. I found 3D GameStudio but have spent weeks struggling with finishing tutorials because of missing resources. The manufacturers reckon the problem resides with my downloading/installing abilities rather than with their software. I also downloaded Game Maker, with which I have had no problem. My questions are: a) Is anyone familiar with 3DGameStudio and am I just an idiot? b) Can anyone guide me to other software which can assit me in getting a feel for game creation and what I need to learn? After being a graphic designer for over twenty years I am pretty keen to get into a new area using my skills, have written an outline of a game and am prepared to spend the time required to learn new skills. The biggest obstacle I face is a lack of programming skills (which won't be acquired overnight) and some sound advice on where to start. I look forward to your response.

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a) I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that software at all.
b) I haven't really looked into many, but I know from someone else making a game that the torque engine from garagegames is a reasonably good one, though it may be too complicated for someone with no programming experience. I was a bit lost, and I've been programming for a while. There is a demo, though, if you want to take a look. Plenty of documentation if you register.. But you can get a lot of tutorials if you don't. The only things you can't do without registering are sell your game and edit the source of the engine.

I guess you could use something like 3d GameStudio or Game Maker, but I don't think you'll get too much advice about programs like that here, most people are probably working in C++, java, python, etc.

Being a graphics designer for 20 years, you may not want to learn a programming language if you don't really need to. Its a lot of effort, and if you aren't incredibly dedicated, it'll be tough to learn to program, and make an entire game by yourself. You are probably going to get plenty of recommendations to learn C++, and while it is a great programming language, it may not be right in your case! I've never been on a team, myself, but it might be possible to form a team to work on your game if you have sound ideas, you have something substantial that you can add to the project (plenty of good artwork & models, in your case), the scale of the project is reasonable for a small team, and finally that people looking to join have something to gain from being on the team, whether it be profit or programming experience..

If you want to work on it yourself, a program like 3d Game Studio would definately be recommended if you don't want to spend a year getting to the point where you can make a bad tetris clone :)

In your case, I'd recommend trying to get 3d game studio working, trying to form a team, or finding another development tool. If artwork is your forte, I'd suggest sticking with it, and letting others that are good at programming work on the rest of the game.

Again, I have no experience with teams, but I'm sure you could probably find someone if you drew up a very detailed description of what you plan to make, and provided plenty of pieces of excellent artwork to show that you are dedicated to the project and that they have something to gain by joining your team.

Depending on how small the game is, a single reasonably experienced programmer should be all that is neccesary, I think.

Good luck with your game.. If it is farfetched, noone will want to work on it.
MMORPGs & the like are definately out :)

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Hi, while i am certainly not an expert, this is what i think is a good

Learn the core procedural part of C++ first!

With Core being: Functions, the Header/Source compilation, pointers,
loops, decision branching, structs and some preprocessor directives.

http://www.computersciencelab.com/Eckel.htm , for me, the author
explains it in a very understandable way. Furthermore, these books are free

To actually write code, you need notepad or a development environment,
the latter providing you with syntax highlighting and integrated compiler/debugger and lots more, wich is a must imo.

Good ide : http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualc/
Wich is for free.

Disclaimer: all this information is from another beginner ;)
Although i must say i am a long-time forum lurker :D

Happy coding :D

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Thank you, kind people, for your replies. Your suggestion of forming a team (Adams555) is certainly a good one - I'm too old to waste a year creating a bad tetris clone - and I'll give it some thought and maybe put together a 'package'. I'll also have a look at the information you suggested, betabyte, and see how daunting the prospect of creating a game all by myself looks after that.
For now it's back to ripping my hair out over GameStudio (or maybe a strong cup of coffee and a few painkillers). Thanks again for your support.

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