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Speed Control In DirectX

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I have a Pentium 3, 933 MHz computer, and when I write DirectX programs on that computer, I notice that it runs perfectly on my system, but when I try it out on other computers, like my brother''s Pentium 3 450 MHz system, they run much slower and sluggishly, in fact too slow to function properly. I tested the frame rates on these two systems, and I discovered that on my system, the frame rate was AT LEAST 150 FPS, and on all other computers it was around 60-80 FPS. My question is, how can I control the pace of my DirectX programs so that they always run at 60-80 FPS regardless of the speed of the computer it''s being run on, whether it''s 400 MHz or 933 MHz?

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How would I go about doing what Null and Void said about making movement a factor of how much time has passed since the last frame?

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What you should do is to remeber the physics:

LengthOfMovement = Speed * Time

What I do is that I specify speed in units/per second.

Then each loop:

ElapsedTimeInSeconds = 1000 * (LastTime - TimeGetTime())
LastTime = TimeGetTime()

Then in my movement functions:

LengthOfMovement = Speed * ElapsedTimeInSeconds

Since I work in 3D I then multiply my LengthOfMovement
with the normalized vector that describes the orientation
of my desired movement and get a velocity vector.
Then just add posistion and velocity vector and voilá,
the new position and you move with the same pace regardless
of the computers speed.

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CrazySwede, can you clarify what the variables in your post represent? By units per second, do you mean velocity (like 2 pixels a frame)? Under DirectDraw, how would I use LengthOfMovement to update the sprites' positions? A sample function would really help. Remember that this is a 2D game that I am writing using DirectX.

Edited by - mmarvi on February 20, 2001 9:29:16 PM

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