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Lag reduction using Cubic Spline (alias Bezier)

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Hi, I'm making a multiplayer game and for now i'm moving around objects in 2D (x,y). If I put directly the received position, its very choppy. Thats why I searched for an algorithm to make it smooth between the last 2 key frames. I read this article about Cubic Spline : But some part is not well explained and the result is incorrect. The entity just spring around. If I put everything like the article. Then I realized that the velocities need to be rescale depending of the duration of the animation. But resized to what, I tried everything :( Here how I did it :
void interpolate(long & cFProgression, CoordFrame & from, CoordFrame & to, float delay)
	cFProgression++; // We increment
	long size = to.frameID - from.frameID;
	if (cFProgression > size)
		// We are moving it normaly
		position += vel * delay;
	else if (cFPrograssion >= 0)
		// We get the time delta (from 0 to 1)
		float t = (float)cFProgression / (float)size;
		float animTime = (float)size / 30.0f;

		// We interpolate using the cubicSpline (bezier) function
		position = cubicSpline(
			from.position,  // Initial pos 
			from.position + from.vel * animTime, // Anchor Point 1
			to.position - to.vel * animTime,  // Anchor point 2
			to.position,  // Final Pos
			t); // DeltaTime

This loop springy less using the "* animTime". But I cant fine the correct value to put here. I also tried his mixed "cubic spline, and quadratic motion" :
CVector3f acc = to.vel - from.vel;

CVector3f coord1 = from.position;
CVector3f coord2 = from.position + from.vel;
CVector3f coord3 = to.position + to.vel * animTime + acc * .5f * (animTime * animTime);
CVector3f coord4 = coord3 - (to.vel + acc * animTime);
position = cubicSpline(coord1, coord2, coord3, coord4, t);

But this gives very wierd results :P I tried to change values, remove the "* animTime". I tried a lot of thing, my entity always spring, a little or a lot. I also found this post about the article : But its not very usefull. Thanks for any help/suggestions !!!

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Ok found it !!!!!!!
By myself.

this line :
float animTime = (float)size / 30.0f;

should be :
float animTime = (float)size / (30.0f * 3.0f);

The 30.0f is my number of update frame per second (like quake)
The 3.0f, its because its a cubic equation.
First I tried 2.0f, but it was springy.
I finnaly remember that the perfect fraction for a bezier equation is 1/3.


Hope this thread will help people that try the above article and realize that its not working well.

Thanks to me! lol

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