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Good scripting tutorial?

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I found the gamedev scripting tutorial section, heh.. Any tips on this would be appreciated greatly, though. Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good tutorial for learning how to make a simple scripting language in C++. Otherwise, it would be great if someone could help me get started. I am just a little bit confused how I should get it working so that it is organized well, and supports everything I need. Here is what I want a finished (quite simple) script to look like. This one will contain every feature that I really need. There will be several variables that should be there for the person who is scripting to use. There will be four floats (nfx, nfy, nox, noy) and 4 bools (cml,cmr,cmu,cmd). The five possible ways to end the script will be moveRight, moveLeft, moveUp, moveDown, noMove. The function for absolute value on a float will be required. It will be abs. No parenthesis will be used, to simplify the coding. All of this can be changed, if neccesary. This is just my basic idea. EDIT! Just read a part of a tutorial, and someone mentioned syntax like ASM. This struck me as an incredibly good idea, because it reduces the complexity quite a bit, if I completely avoid if-statements, and go with simple conditional 'jmp' commands.. I'll look into it more. May be much easier. if abs nfx>abs nfy if nfx<0 if cml=true moveLeft endif endif if nfy>0 if cmr=true moveRight endif endif endif if nfy<0 if cmd=true moveDown endif endif if cmu=true moveUp endif noMove How difficult would it be to get a script like this going? My program needs to set the values of the variables I mentioned before, run this script, and figure out which ending value was output. My program needs to be able to be compiled, and then allow the script to be changed without recompiling (obviously). I have almost no clue where to get started. I don't understand how I can arbitrarily have nested ifs, etc. based on the whim of some scripter. I'm willing to spend significant time on getting this to work. I really need it for my game.. I have a good idea, and I'd like to see it work out. Most of the rest of my game is already working, and I'd like the player to be able to change the script while the game is running. (Yes, it is a terribly nerdy game. ^_^ ) Thanks very much for your help, Adam [Edited by - Adams555 on July 5, 2006 12:33:20 AM]

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