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[java] A couple of things...

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Hi Folks Just before i settle upon a few things, can i fire a couple of questions in everyones'' direction... Ive almost completed a generic framework for Scene/Resource/Network Management, which comes in the form of a package for each area of the game framework. The nature of the games are varied, from Multiplayer Soccer to Multiplayer Shooters. 1. I''m currenty using JDK1.3, taking advantage of the Graphics2D classes etc. but wondering whether to drop this to save people downloading the 1.3 VM Runtime & plugin. In your oppinions is this an issue, will ''you'' go to the bother of downloading ~5-10Mb just to play a java game? 2. As the games will not be generating any revenue, what is the best way to host a MP java game? I am on a Cable Modem at home, so i could probably run my site from there to test a few connections at a time. As dedicated servers cost a fortune, and not many hosting solutions offer executable environments and available ports, is there a way to do this? Or is there a way to generate revenue to pay for a server from sponsorships? Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions Kraik.

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