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accessing a 1d array, referencing as a 3d

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I have a 1 dimensional array and I need to be accessing it as a 3 dimensional array. Here's what I've got so far:
 * Return the pointer to a particular BlockSpace object contained in the 3d play area,
 * which is stored in a 1 dimensional array.
 * \param x The index of the horizontal position
 * \param y The index of the vertical position
 * \param z The index of the depth position
BlockSpace*& getBlockPtrRef(unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned int z)
	// check if we have a valid position
	if( x >= m_areaWidth || y >= m_areaHeight || z >= m_areaDepth ){
		std::ostringstream sstr;
		sstr << "BlockArea::getBlockRef: Error: tried to access block (" << x << ", " << y << ", " << z <<
				") with play area of size (" << m_areaWidth << ", " << m_areaHeight << ", " << m_areaDepth << ")";
		// log the error message to the debug console
		m_debugConsole->log( sstr.str() );

	return m_playArea[ (x*m_areaWidth*m_areaHeight) + (y*m_areaHeight) + z ];

This method was working fine when it was a 2x2x2 grid, but it needs to be easily resizeable and I just changed it to a 3x2x2 and it stuffed up, by not accessing elements 4,5,10,11 of the array, which means that it was duplicating some accesses. What am I missing? Is it something really simple, right in front of my face?

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Assuming it's laid out in memory by layers, then by rows...

int width, height, depth;

int x, y, z;

int index = (z * width * height) + (y * width) + x;

Your code should work if you replaced y*m_areaHeight with y*m_areaWidth; however, think a bit about which way of laying out the coordinates is more logical for you. As long as you always look it up the same way, you should be okay.

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