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My game, "Intelligent Deisgn".

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Hello. I've been working for a while on a small game, it isn't polished at all, yet, but I'd like to hear some comments, suggestions, etc. This game is NOT yet quite complete, I just need some people to test it, give comments, etc. It IS at a playable state, however. Here is a screenshot of the main game part... Screenshot And here is the download. Download The idea is you write a script that the little blue/red dots (representing little organisms) follow in order to keep them alive until the timer runs out. The blue dots shift from blue to red over time, getting a piece of food pushes them back towards blue. If the dot goes too long without food, it 'dies'. The dots can move in any direction each frame, they can split into two (also splitting their food between them, so be careful), or they can choose not to move. Your script will determine what they do. Once the game starts, the organisms are on their own! Let me know if it works, the scripting / help file part is in VB 2005 express (requires .net framework 2.0) and the actual game is in c++, using the SDL library for graphics. Please let me know if it works. If it doesn't please tell me what the error said and I'll try to get it corrected. I've only been able to try this on 2 computers so far, so there may be problems for some of you. Hope you like it.. And I really hope my help files are good enough so that you pick up on the scripting language quickly. Its not meant to be too difficult, but non-programmers will almost surely have some trouble. Let me know if you liked it, suggestions, comments, bugs, etc. Adam P.S. Please run intelligent_design.exe. intelligent_design.exe is the main dialog to help you write your scripts, view the help files, and start the game. life.exe does work by itself, however, and is dependent on the files script.lif and data.lif which are both plain text files. If you want to edit them, go ahead, just use notepad. So, if intelligent_design.exe doesn't work, it is possible to see how the game is by changing the script in script.lif. help.lif, etc. are plain-text help files.

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