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OpenGL Quick and Dirty OpenGL font featuring the Super Mario font (NES)

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Hi! I just wrote a quick font routine that has a built in font and requires no external data files. It uses the famous (?) Super Mario Bros-style font. It is useful for small projects and test applications, when writing a real font is too time/resource consuming. Can be used for retro and arcade games too. Sources and example available at: See the README for more information.
Sample code:
#include "font.h"

Font &font = Font::getInstance();
if(font.init() != 0) return -1;

font.drawString("the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog");
font.printf("string: %s  float: %f  integer: %d\nnewline ok", "omg!", 3.1415926535, 1234567890);

font.deinit();		// optional, only glDeleteTextures inside
The code is ugly but working. This was written in an hour or so. All feedback is welcome. -Riku rsalmin2(ät)

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